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A trusted partner since 1975

Our history

Since 1975, Lightship's fundamental goal has been to provide expertise and quality brokerage services to international shipping customers. What started as a small team in Copenhagen, focused on coaster vessels for transporting steel, is now one of the world's leading dry bulk brokerage companies. In addition to bulk brokerage across a wide variety of commodity segments and vessel sizes, we also offer services within energy infrastructure and freight management

Whatever segment we engage in, we strive to be the best in the market at what we do and to develop long-term relationships with our clients in the industry. This has been the key to our sustained growth, and our global team now includes more than 140 dedicated staff members.

Our global presence allows us stay in close contact with our clients wherever they are based, enabling us to provide 24x7 service in a market that never sleeps. For several years, we have acted as a panel broker on the Baltic Exchange – a recognition of the expertise and market insight that we have acquired over the decades. We now service some of the world's largest charterers, operators, and ship owners, and we manage thousands of fixtures every year. 

While our aim is to continue growing in our existing service areas and expand into new ones, our team's core aspiration remains: To be the best at what we do.

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Our mission & vision 

Through our global brokerage teams, we provide professional advice and efficient brokerage for maritime transportation and off-shore energy infrastructure across the world.  With our expertise and network, we match requirements from cargo owners, ship owners, operators, and infrastructure investors to identify the best fit on fair market terms for all parties involved in a transaction.

We strive for excellence and aim to be the best in everything we do. To be excellent, we need to be innovative and to push boundaries.  We are not afraid to make mistakes, but any mistake will always be used in our learning process to make us better. Our main objective is to be better than we were yesterday and through continuous improvement cultivate excellence in every corner of the organization. 

Through excellence, we deliver client value and professional development for our employees, as we firmly believe in excellence as the best recipe for company growth, sustainable profitability, and employee satisfaction.

Our company core values



We operate in a highly specialized market. The value we provide is directly linked to the expertise we possess and the way in which we deliver it. Excellence is the core foundation for everything we do, both in our conduct towards our clients and in how we create a motivating and professional working environment. Excellence is how we inspire each other to perform above and beyond in everything we do, and how we create efficiencies in our clients’ business as well as in our own. Excellence, therefore, is nothing less than the very cornerstone of our continued growth.



Through efficient collaboration we ensure that our collective capacity exceeds that of our individual employees' combined. We share knowledge, inspire each other, and help build networks and resolve everyday challenges. The key to our success is our ability to deliver as a company, and we all contribute to our colleagues’ success as well as our own.



The strength of our team lies not only in our shared values, but also in our individual differences. At Lightship, we respect each other for who we are – regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or whatever else may discern us. We respect our management and their allocation of roles and responsibilities in the organisation, and we respect everybody’s contribution to team efforts, office culture and our company's success. Through our mutual respect we build trust and collaboration, thus establishing a sound foundation for everything we do as a business.



We live in a dynamic world of rapid, incessant change. The best performers will be those who manage to adapt to these changes and convert them into business opportunities. This means adjusting services to meet market demands and developing internal processes to respond efficiently to shifts in technology, regulations and market pratices. We must never be complacent, but always focus on continuously improving the way we work. Innovation is key to our company's success.

A culture to be proud of

Our culture is crucial for our success, and it is continuously strengthened through a work environment that is as ambitious as it is amicable. While nobody can be an expert at everything, teamwork enables each and every one of us to make the most of our strengths whilst helping our colleagues to grow, improve and evolve.

In Lightship, we aim to deliver above average on even our worst of days and to be the absolute best on our regular days. The key to achieving this goal is fostering a culture in which we constructively learn from any mistake that might occur. This way, we can continuously build and enhance our expertise. Bonded by our common passion for shipping, a global mindset, and confidence in our values, we have built a proud culture that is the very hallmark of our company.


A truly global company

Our offices are purposefully located at some of the world's most important market hubs for finance, commodity trading, harbour and shipyard services. This ensures that we're never far from our clients and partners, and that we can benefit from both local and global expertise when hiring to expand our services.

The ships we service sail 24/7, and our organisations must likewise operate around the clock. This underlines the importance of a global presence through strategically selected locations, and it also explains why we have empowered our teams to collaborate through common systems and processes – always with updated information available at their fingertips.

Join our global team!

Lightship is a fast-paced and dynamic company with more than 140 hard-working employees worldwide, and we are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent to join our team.

Our internships and trainee programs represent important initiatives for expanding and developing our business. In these programs, qualified and ambitious recruits work – under the guidance of experienced mentors – with client services and market analysis.

Please visit our career page for further details on our programs and everything you need to get in touch with us!

Dedicated & Committed Team
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