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Reliable freight solutions for your ocean transport

40+ years of experience

Lightship is one of the world's leading bulk carrier brokers

Large global team

Offices in Athens, Beijing, Dubai, Copenhagen, Geneva, London, Miami, Oslo & Singapore

Adherence to the Baltic Exchange

Lightship is a proud and longstanding member of the Baltic Exchange Broker Panel

At Lightship, we connect ship and cargo owners, providing tailored chartering solutions to meet your business needs

Lightship's Services

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We provide round-the-clock service with teams and offices that are spread across some of the world's most important shipping markets. Our trading desks are connected through advanced IT tools and mature processes for instant information sharing.


We live shipping

The world of chartering is all about trust, and you need committed partners who will exceed your expectations.

This principle guides everything we do, and the premium services we provide for our customers have shaped Lightship Chartering into one of the world's leading bulk carrier brokers.

Reliable & committed expertise

You need a reliable partner that will meet your expectations, increase your performance and add value to your operations – every single step of the way. 

This has been at the core of our operation since its inception and has served to establish Lightship Chartering as one of the leading bulk carrier brokers in the world.

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